High School Performance Training

Ages 15-18

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The High School Performance Training program at EXOS @ Raleigh Orthopaedic is a small group program that expands on the fundamentals learned in the Youth Performance program. Sessions focus on the mastery of movement mechanics as well as developing the appropriate strength and power to apply to more specific movement skills (ie. speed & agility). This program is more advanced and is recommended for ages 15 to 18.

This program includes:

  • Periodic Performance Assessment & Testing
  • Prescribed Corrective Exercises specific to each individual’s needs
  • Tailored Strength Program Design customized to meet performance goals

Testing and evaluation results will be used to create a tailored program which will enhance the specific goals of the client. Through this individually prescription-based process we can effectively create a synergistic training effect that greatly diminishes performance detractors and maximizes performance enhancers.

Classes are unique because they are offered in an “unlimited” structure. This means athletes can participate as many days during the week as well as participate in back-to-back sessions. Our training methodology and programming provides for a progression within each workout and a progression from week to week. Each training session is different and is designed to maximize results without ever over training.


Every athlete will be evaluated through a battery of performance tests upon entry into the program. Tests may include such things as vertical jump, linear sprints, agility, strength endurance and conditioning. Athletes will be re-tested regularly in the performance testing to gauge progress.

Athletes, 15 years and older will also undergo a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to further identify any mobility and/or stability related issues. Upon identifying any limitations, the coaching staff will design specific corrective exercises to address the athlete’s needs. This allows us to customize programming and will help to ensure that each athlete has an understanding of what they need to work on within their own strengths and weaknesses.

Participation Waiver Required — Download yours here.