Arm Care CPE

Prevent Injuries Before They Happen

Calling ALL BALL PLAYERS — Get in front of medical experts before injuries occur with our Arm Care Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE)

The Arm Care CPE connects you with medical experts for assessment and advice on maintaining a healthy training strategy. Our staff will perform a comprehensive assessment to help you determine proper training techniques, develop personal recovery methods, and improve on throwing form adjustments.

The Assessment Will Consist Of

Gait Analysis

As you throw, we will film you from several different angles for a custom biomechanical analysis using state-of-the-art Video Motion Analysis.

Strength & Flexibility

In this consultation, a Sport Physical Therapist will examine key areas of strength and flexibility imbalances or issues through a variety of clinical tests, and provide you with a custom home exercise plan to resolve your specific issues and enhance your performance. In addition, you will undergo a Functional Movement Screen to assess any imbalances that may negatively impact your performance or increase injury risk.

In addition to your Arm Care CPE, you will receive:

  • A home exercise plan tailored to your needs

you need the Arm Care CPE?

The Arm Care CPE is designed as a total solution for evaluation and performance, covering all factors that contribute to success for all types of throwing athletes, and provides the best possible value for your dollar for a one-of-a-kind elite service. If you would like to avoid future injuries, begin training in the off season, ramp up for a new endurance challenge, or keep yourself in shape, schedule your Arm Care CPE today!

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  • Arm Care CPE: $189.00
    Includes all the services mentioned above

*Choose from Sport Performance Training & Follow-Up Video Analysis