Return to Sport

When an athlete reaches the point where traditional therapy typically ends, which should be indicated by full return of range of motion, functional strength and no limitations with activities of daily living, they usually are not prepared physically or mentally to get back onto the court or field safely or effectively.

By using a series of functional and performance tests we bridge that gap by identifying areas of inefficiency and/or asymmetries in movement patterns along with deficiencies in functional capacity. Once we know where the weak links are we tailor a program to improve those deficits and allow us to safely progress the athlete through functional activities geared towards returning to full play.

Understanding how to utilize concepts of power development within the framework of a minimum amount of movement capacity is key to making the program aggressive but safe at the same time.  We will work in linear and more easily controlled planes of movement until athletes show acceptable competence then progress to more challenging planes and ultimately full multi-directional athletic movement.

Our goal is to return the athlete to the field more prepared for the rigors of their chosen sport than they were prior to their injury.   The key is to identify what that individual athletes weak links are and address those areas while using sound methodology of functional progression and sport simulation.

Tests used to evaluate movement capacity:

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Y Balance Test
  • 4 series Hop Testing

**We may also use other combine style tests during the progression based on the athletes chosen sport. Those tests may include but aren’t limited to 5-10-5 agility, 40 meter sprint, broad jumping, vertical jumping, etc.


Athletes can come to us from other facilities if they have done there early phase rehabilitation with another therapy provider. The first visit with us will be with a physical therapist. Depending on there level of functional competence when they start with us the client will either continue working with a therapist or may be ready to transition directly to working with a performance coach.


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