Runner’s CPE

Prevent Injuries Before They Happen

Runners, Marathoners, and Triathletes- get in front of medical experts before injuries occur with our Runner’s Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE)

The Runner’s CPE connects you with medical experts for assessment and advice on maintaining a healthy training strategy. Our staff will perform a comprehensive assessment to help you determine proper training techniques, recovery methods, running form adjustments, and footwear to meet YOUR needs.

Assessment Details

Gait Analysis

As you run on a treadmill, we will film your running form from several different angles for a custom bio-mechanical analysis using state-of-the-art Video Motion Analysis.

Strength and Flexibility

In this consultation, a Sports Physical Therapist will examine key areas of strength and flexibility imbalances or issues through a variety of clinical tests, and provide you with a custom home exercise plan to resolve your specific issues and enhance your performance. In addition, you will undergo Functional Movement Screen to assess any imbalances that may negatively impact your running performance or increase injury risk.

Foot Type and Shoes

Your Physical Therapist will examine your foot type and your running shoes to ensure the best match for your feet for stability, comfort, and performance.

Let our years of experience with all kinds of runners and endurance athletes work for you!

Raleigh Orthopaedic Performance Center Staff are experts in running mechanics, physical therapy, orthotics, and nutrition, use thorough testing and video analysis to develop a training plan custom-tailored to each individual.

In addition to your Runner’s CPE, you will receive:

  • A home exercise plan tailored to your needs
  • A customized video analysis and voice-over summary of your running performance

Why do you need the Runner’s CPE?

The Runner’s CPE is designed as a total solution for evaluation and performance, covering all factors that contribute to success for all types of endurance athletes, and provides the best possible value for your dollar for a one-of-a-kind elite service. If you would like to avoid future injuries, begin training for a special event, ramp up for a new endurance event challenge, or keep yourself on the road as a casual runner, schedule your Runner’s CPE today!

Schedule your Runner’s CPE today!

For additional information and to schedule your Runner’s CPE, Call or Email us at either location to schedule.

Runners, Marathoners, and Triathletes — don’t wait until you’re sidelined by a foot problem, sprain, muscle strain, or worse. Get with the experts before you get injured.


“Both of my kids started running cross country in high school. Running everyday is demanding on a body and I wanted to make sure they didn’t have bad form so we took them to Brian Schiff for a running analysis. Running is an activity for life, we didn’t want them to start with damaging habits.

The analysis was very thorough and it’s great for anyone to actually see how they run in slow motion. It wasn’t just about watching them run, but also included a functional screening to pinpoint misalignment and weaknesses.

Feedback from the analysis includes form discussion, stretches/roller work, and/or exercises. This is priceless as my kids received a simple set of exercises and they still do them — a year later!

A must for getting faster and being injury free!”
— T. Dellarova

“Having had very low arches and various aches and pains from running, I wanted to undergo the running analysis to see if my mechanics were sound and if there were potential major issues that could be addressed.

I thought the initial flexibility and balance analysis was enlightening though not surprising. You recommended exercises that I have been able to do at home to help correct the impediments keeping me from being the most efficient runner I am capable of being. The running/motion analysis was reassuring to me in that my shoe selection was appropriate and the issues you found while running were a direct result of the initial balance/flexibility issues that were discovered.”
— G. Rose