“For the past four off seasons, Raleigh Orthopaedic has been my ideal training destination. Working out at a location with a communicative and unified staff has allowed me to maximize my efficiency in accomplishing my off-season goals. Brian Schiff, Ashley Yartin, and Will Parker have met every single one of my needs in any rehabilitation or exercise program. The convenience of training in a top level gym attached to an orthopaedic clinic is second to none. I would highly recommend this facility to any aspiring or professional athletes.”
β€” James Hurst, Guard, Baltimore Ravens, NFL

“Brian and the whole staff were fabulous with my 11yo son who got his first sports injury. They were patient explaining exercises to him and made him feel comfortable and important.”
– Lyla W.

“I came in as a patient, and left as a friend. Having suffered a severed Quadricep tendon and repaired with surgery, I began my physical therapy at APC Raleigh and my great therapist, Ashley made me comfortable and always greeted me with a smile. Without her knowledge & outstanding care I could not have returned to my active lifestyle and passion of horses. Ashley was gentle but thorough. I called her “The Enforcer.” She gave me the drive and the will to do my best. Suzanne, Robin and the ENTIRE staff made me look forward to each visit. This is YOUR place for Physical Therapy.”
β€” Fred P.

“Hands-down this is one of the best places to go and treat any sports related or athletic injury. The staff is kind ,courteous and empathetic and extremely knowledgeable. Every time I go there I feel better and I heal rapidly because of all of their hard work and intellect. πŸ’ͺ”

–A. Durnell

“I am so relieved to find a place that allows me to the services I need without signing up for an extensive and time consuming plan. Brian made me feel very comfortable and really listened to what I wanted and needed from this service. I would recommend this place to any of my friends who want to to improve their quality of life without breaking the bank or dedicating multiple hours a week. Thank you!”

–K. Elizabeth

“My arm is feeling live. I am definitely seeing the benefits of what [training] we did this off-season. I was throwing harder than ever before in spring training.”

β€” Chris Archer, Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB

“Thanks for working with us and please let Will [Will Parker] know how much coming to APC and his efforts with Brittany have helped her just to get back to her sport and be able to play and compete once again.  We feel very blessed to have had such a wonderful doctor and wonderful rehabilitation facilities and qualified folks to work with in the process.”

β€” Terry Cottle, Father of Brittany Cottle, Clinton, NC Softball Pitcher

“I credit your facility for instilling training techniques and philosophies into Kaitlyn during the short time that she was able to attend your sessions. Kaitlyn continued to use many of your drills during the year to get stronger and faster… keep up the good work.”

β€” Bob Eckert, father of Kaitlyn Eckert, All-Conference, All-Region, 4A All-State Knightdale High School Varsity Women’s Soccer 2009-2010

“Your program has solidified her interest in training and diet. As an aside, Kaitlyn has committed to play soccer at UNC – Asheville beginning in the Fall of 2012. I credit your staff with raising the bar for her and for, again, putting the fun in the preparation for the sport.”The work I did in your training sessions is still showing great results. Just last week I recorded the 17th fastest time on the 3 Mountain Madness 95 mile route (5hrs 9min). I felt strong throughout the whole ride. Although my legs were screaming on Pilot Mt. 85 miles in, my core felt super strong. I even raced a criterium the next day and actually didn’t feel that bad! I’ll keep you updated as my season continues. Thanks again for all your help and advice.”

β€” Eric Beatty

“I came to APC with the intention of receiving Physical Therapy for a small injury. As the weeks passed by, I found myself mentally and physically training my body in ways I haven’t before. I was introduced to Pilates, which I came to enjoy! My flexibility and core strength have increased tremendously. The APC staff were professional and respectfully understood my goals as an NFL athlete and helped me build up my areas of weakness. I enjoyed training with everyone and thank everyone for preparing me for the 2010 NFL Season!”

β€” Sam Aiken, Wide-Receiver #88, New England Patriots

“APC has helped me bring new ideas into my workouts. Because of their work with me, I have rehabbed my knee injury and also increased flexibility and core strength. Plus, it’s taken 8 strokes off my golf game!

β€” Rod Brind’amour, Head Coach, Carolina Hurricanes, NHL

“Training at APC really got me back on track after a broken leg.  The entire Sports Therapy staff did a great job with both rehab and conditioning to get me back on the ice and in great shape to finish out the season for my team.”

β€” Chad LaRose, Carolina Hurricanes, NHL

“APC gave me the workouts that got my body into the kind of shape that would last 162 games.  Instead of doing only traditional baseball training, I also went to Pilates 3 or 4 times a week and worked out with other athletes in an intense cross-training program.  I rocked my weight up, and got stronger and faster.  APC gave me the tools to lay a strong foundation for my MLB career.”

β€” Josh Hamilton, Centerfielder, Texas Rangers, 2008 Home Run Derby runner-up and 2008 and 2009 All Star Games

“APC has been a great asset to my event performance, especially in terms of injury prevention but also when I have some muscle soreness. APC has been able to help me keep my body strong, flexible and pain-free.”

β€”Garth Mulroy, PGA/NationWide Tour Golfer

“I have been in MLB for 6 years and have played ball all over the country. I can honestly tell you that APC is the BEST training facility I have ever used. Your site is huge, with batting cages onsite, and you have a great selection of training equipment, and an amazing staff with a wealth of knowledge and a tremendous attention to detail.  All of this makes APC a first-class facility. You guys are the best and thanks for getting me into the best shape of my life.”

β€” Stephen Chapman, Outfielder, Cincinnati Reds

“When you want to optimize your sports training or rehab results, the APC is THE premier facility in the Triangle and North Carolina. That’s why I choose to affiliate with the APC.”

β€” Peter Friesen, Former Head Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Carolina Hurricanes, NHL

“Training at APC has helped the RailHawks succeed on the field this season. The weight training combined with speed and agility work that we have done at APC has resulted in significant athletic improvements for all of the players on our team. This athletic improvement has been a driving force behind the physical dominance we have been able to exhibit over other professional teams in our league.”

β€” Martin Rennie, Head Coach, Carolina RailHawks

“After my recent neck injury, I wasn’t sure I would play hockey again. The entire team at APC worked daily to help me regain my strength and power. Plus I have more flexibility and better balance/agility than I did 4 or 5 years ago. Thanks guys for all you did for me! I couldn’t have done it without you!”

β€” Shane Willis, Forward, Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL

“My experience at the Athletic Performance Center was great. Jeff, Scott and Mike did a great job in helping me with a speedy recovery and work really hard to make sure of that! Therapy went really well and I feel better than I was ever before. After coming 4 times a week for 3 weeks, I am now stronger and more flexible! Overall I believe this facility is great and was perfect for my rehabilitation. I look forward to coming back to visit.”

β€” Anthony Robinson, Linebacker, Seattle Seahawks, NFL

“I only spent two weeks training at the Athletic Performance Center over the summer, but I dropped almost 2-tenths of a second on my 10yard start! I feel as though I have learned invaluable ways to improve my play on the football field. The coaches are great teachers and trainers and I look forward to training at the APC facility in the near future.”

β€” Marvin Snipes, Linebacker/Defensive End, Lafayette College

“After playing my last game at Yale, I decided to do whatever was necessary to realize my dream of playing in the NFL. Coach Pucek tailored an individual program that completely transformed me into a different athlete. I was 26lbs heavier, 12 reps stronger, jumped 5″ higher and ran almost 3-tenths faster and was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2001 NFL Draft. If you are ready to take your game to the top – then this is the only place to train.”

β€” Eric Johnson, Tight End, San Francisco 49ers, NFL

“Your program rocks! You are the single reason I got drafted. I think everyone who is interested in football should come to you because you know so much about the right way to train and how to approach it every day. I am looking forward to training with you again in the future. Thank you so much.”

β€” Casey Cramer, Fullback, Carolina Panthers, NFL

“Training with a small group of other guys at my position really provided a great competitive atmosphere which helped me produce results I’ve never experienced before. My training experience prepared me to not only compete for a job, but actually make the final 53-man NFL roster.”

β€” Jacques Cesaire, Defensive Tackle, San Diego Chargers, NFL

“Just a quick note of thanks. I ran the ING Ottawa Marathon this past Sunday and broke my PR by over 7 minutes. Not only was this my best performance, but it was also the best I’ve ever felt during and after the race. In part, I credit the classes I’ve been doing at the APC with helping me to get stronger and avoid injury thereby increasing the effectiveness of my training. I hope to continue to get stronger and faster over the summer in preparation for another marathon this fall. Thanks to your help, my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon is now within reach.”

β€” Michael Durling

“I joined the adult fitness program after watching the tremendous benefits that my teenagers were getting out of the youth programs. The adult fitness program at APC is by far the most effective fitness program I have used. It challenges and pushes me in ways that I would never achieve on my own, and the constant variety of techniques for cardio, strength, and endurance training keeps it interesting even after one full year in the program. The APC trainers are first rate, and my “classmates” ensure that we have fun. Most importantly, at 48 years old, I feel better and am in the best physical shape that I have been in since I was a teenager.”

β€” John McKenney

“I love APC! Everybody is really nice, and I can tell I am getting a workout without being too tired. Even my friends noticed that I am in better shape. The coaches really know what they are talking about, and I’m not afraid to ask them a question. And when I do, they really explain it to me so I know next time.”

β€” Brenna Coolbaugh

“Alex thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced Athlete Development (AAD) training and if we are able to work any more weeks into the summer schedule we will. The AAD program really helped Alex and we will continue to recommend it to friend and /team mates! Thanks for all the help.”

β€”Delia Sturla

“The Triangle Lightning 16U and 18U travel teams are college prep/recruiting programs, focusing on the development of young ladies who want to play at the highest level of the sport on a regional and national level, with a goal of becoming a college student athlete.  As we begin the 2010 season, our 10th as an organization, we currently have over 40 young ladies competing as student athletes in college and universities from Pennsylvania to Flordia; and that success is due in many ways to the work of the APC Staff.

For the past several years through our team training and individual follow up sessions at the APC, we have seen our players optimize performance with dramatic improvements in core strength, lateral quickness & agility, acceleration & speed and overall conditioning, which is why we highly recommend the APC to any young lady looking to improve their performance and skills.”
β€”Tim Moose & Staff, Triangle Lightning 18 U

“The Athletic Performance Center is by far the best place to get both mentally and physically prepared for a college sport. I loved going into college already knowing how to lift and sprint with solid technique. This allowed me to maximize strength and speed without getting injured. I also loved being able to come back to APC this past summer so that I could improve my foot speed in preparation for next season. The coaches and interns don’t make it easy and expect the absolute most that you can give. If I could go back in time, the only thing I would change would be getting myself to APC sooner.”

β€” Rachel C., Collegiate women’s basketball player

β€œMy experience with Raleigh Orthopaedic and the APC Raleigh was A+.  From communication, to treatment planning, to outcome, it was highly professional and tailored to my needs.  I came in with a very specific outcome in mind and the team worked diligently to help me achieve that goal: slalom skiing the course 6 weeks post meniscus surgery.  Their programming is fresh, creative and (if you commit to it), delivers results.  My therapist (Noah Kaminsky) is a first-class professional and a friend.”

β€” Jason Raak

These testimonials are only a small sample of the many amazing successes of actual Raleigh Orthopaedic Performance Center clients. Your story is just waiting to be written. The next chapter is up to you! Email us at apcinfo@raleighortho.com to share your story!