Youth/High School Performance Training

We offer programs designed to introduce the fundamentals of movement, speed and strength necessary for an athlete to have a strong foundation to enhance their sport specific skills. Sessions are focused on the mastery of movement mechanics as well as building the appropriate strength, power and flexibility to apply them.

Sports Performance Class Programs

Elite Athlete Training

These programs are designed for collegiate and professional athletes to help them build and keep a competitive edge.

  • College Prep & Off-Season Training
  • NFL Combine Prep Training Program
  • MLB Spring Training Prep Program
  • NBA Training Program
  • NHL Training Program

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The 3,600-square-foot indoor training area is enclosed by netting and lined with sports turf. It can be divided into 5 batting/pitching cages or opened up into a team training area. Private sport specific lessons are available for baseball, softball, tennis, or our back-to-golf program. The area can also be rented for your own use or team practice. Our SportSkills reservations and information line is (919) 876-1100 or you can email

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