Dry Needling

    • Dry needling is a relatively new way to treat myofascial pain in the US. Myofascial pain is characterized by “trigger points” that can cause long-term pain and dysfunction, along with referred pain. A small needle is inserted directly into the tissue, which creates a lesion in the tissue. This triggers the body’s natural healing response to send blood, healing chemicals and nutrients to that specific area.
    • A one inch needle cuts through 3,000 muscle fibers, while a 3 inch needle cuts through 100,000 muscle fibers.  This helps disrupt tight myofascial layers and restore flexibility and mobility.
    • Side effects to be expected after the treatment include: muscle soreness of the treated area, fatigue, slight dizziness although all of these are minimal.
    • Depending on your level of soreness, heat, ice, or gentle stretching is recommended after having the procedure done.
    • It takes 2 minutes to 72 hours for the lesions to heal.  Once you feel that moment of healing, email us so we can determine what type of responder you are and when we should see you again.
    • If you have ANY problems do not hesitate to email us at the addresses listed below or call us at 919-876-1100.
    • Dry needling may be part of a Therapy plan of care, or can be provided as a stand-alone service
    • These treatments have been very successful, and we look forward to making you feel better!

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Cost: Initial session $65

$50/session or 5 sessions for $225

Our physical therapists offering Dry Needling at both Raleigh Orthopaedic performance centers are credentialed for Dry Needling in the state of North Carolina.

For more information, or to schedule a dry needling session please email one of our PT’s:


“I have received many treatments for ongoing shoulder, neck and carpal tunnel issues. Dry Needling has been the optimum treatment for me.”
— P. S.

“I’ve had awful shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. I tried multiple physical therapy locations, and my pain improved only mildly. After a couple of needling sessions with Brian, I have no pain.”
—Leah S.

“After running a couple half marathons and one full marathon, this fall I experienced my first running injury, IT Band Syndrome. A few months later, I could barely walk down a flight of stairs. A fellow gym goer saw me struggling on the treadmill and referred me to APC in Raleigh. I had tried resting, icing, foam rolling, and chiropractic care with very little success. It wasn’t until I tried dry needling until I had hope of being able to run again. After a few sessions [with Lauren], I was able to gradually start running, and now I am back to training!”
— Melissa H.

“[Brian has] made a believer out of me. I ran 7 miles today and it is the first time since the end of last year I’ve gone any distance close to that long virtually pain free. Thank you for the suggestion.”
— Amanda G.