Can your knees go over your toes? by Suzanne Blakeney

“Never squat with your knees over your toes” is one of those mainstays of exercise that you have probably heard, or even repeated many times. It’s most commonly a “tried and true” rule for squatting but has been adapted to suit many different exercises involving the knee. Anytime we find ourselves in a position to… Read More »

Concussions in Winter Sports

by Renee Ehrlich LAT, ATC Concussions don’t just happen in football! As January is National Winter Sports Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention Month, let’s take a moment to discuss concussions that occur in winter sports. Firstly, what is a concussion? A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that can occur from an impact to the… Read More »

“Fall” in love with Recovery Services at the Athletic Performance Center

Written by: Ashley Yartin, MS, LAT, ATC at Raleigh Orthopaedic Performance Center Whether you are a seasoned runner, or tackling your first race this fall, you may find a “tune up” is necessary to keep you healthy and on the course. Raleigh Orthopaedic Performance Center offers numerous cash-based services to help with your recovery needs. These… Read More »

Thoughts on Dry Needling

I had three different clients in one day this week remind me how powerful the effects of dry needling treatment can be. They all had different problems and had been dealing with those issues for differing amounts of time. As usual for clients in pain who are missing out on things they want to do,… Read More »

Rehabbing the Mind After an Injury by Brian Schiff PT, OCS, CSCS

Some injuries are worse than others, but athletes suffering their first major injury often have doubts and fears related to getting back to 100%. An athlete’s identity, confidence and self-worth is often tied to his/her sport. Injuries separate the athletes from their teams and take away something very important to them. This can lead to… Read More »

I’m pickin’ up good hydration

July is officially here meaning hot, hot, and humid temperatures! Summer time brings longer days and more time to be out and active. But it also brings warmer temperatures, making hydration a key to avoiding heat illness and maintaining peak exercise performance. During exercise, your body’s working muscles produce heat that raises our body temperatures.… Read More »

Progression in Training

Anytime we give our body a new stress/stimulus/exercise for training, we are doing so in hopes that our body will adapt to that stress and improve performance. Adaptations can include improved strength, endurance, flexibility, motor control, and kinesthetic awareness. Depending on how effective the dose is, improvements can be seen within a day, week, or… Read More »

What Does Your Off-Season Training Look Like?

By Will Parker, CSCS, USAW, FMS With the upcoming summer and following fall sports, I wanted to piggy back off a past blog post by one of our Sports Physical Therapists, Dennis Meszler… Firstly, you do not need to be an athlete in the conventional sense (school, team or other specific competitive environment) to have… Read More »

NFL Pro Day Results

“We had a great group of NFL Pro Day athletes this year at the Raleigh Orthopaedic Performance Center. Three guys participated in our Full Program, Coastal Carolina’s Marcus Outlow, UNC’s Tommy Bancroft & Duke’s Davis Koppenhaver.  Two other guys, NC State’s Dex Wright & Dre Bryant, were partial participants. Overall we saw tremendous gains across… Read More »