Performance/Personal Training

Athletic Performance Training

Whether you are a professional athlete, stay at home mom, healthy, injured or anyone in between, our Performance Staff can help you reach your goals through our well rounded, science-based training principles and methodology. Our staff have trained elite level athletes such as Carolina Hurricanes Head Coach and former Captain Rod Brind’Amour, MLB 2010 AL MVP Josh Hamilton, Super Bowl winning WR Torry Holt, and many more locally since 2005.

Below you will find a list of our Comprehensive Training Goals to help you identify your primary, secondary or even tertiary goals. Clearly establishing your goals is the first step in objectively achieving them and critical to ensuring your customized training program has you on the path you want to go.

Our staff strive to serve our clientele, helping them reach new heights in their training through our broad expertise. Contact our facilities to get started today and Unleash Your Potential!

Comprehensive Training Goals:
o Acceleration
o Top End Speed

o Multi-Planar Foot Quickness
o Lateral Change of Direction
o Crossovers
o Drop Steps

o Peak Power
o Power Endurance
o Multi-Planar

o Foundational Strength
o General Strength
o Maximal Strength
o Hypertrophy (Building Lean Muscle)
o Strength Endurance
o Metabolic Strength
o Speed Strength

Olympic Weight Lifting
o Clean & Jerk
o Snatch
o Accessory Lifts

Conditioning / Energy System Development
o Anaerobic (Phosphagen)
o Glycolytic (Glycolysis)
o Aerobic (Oxidative)

Core / Pillar
o Maximize Kinetic Linking
o Improve Kinesthetic Awareness
o Balance Training
o Reduce Injury Risk

o Flexibility
o Stability/Strength through Range of Motion (ROM)

o Self-Soft Tissue Massage
o Dry Needling
o Myofascial Cupping
o Normatec Compression Recovery Boots
o Light Force Laser Therapy
o Game Ready Cryotherapy

General Nutritional Consultation
o Evaluation
o Diet Modification Strategy’s
o Weight Loss
o Weight Gain