Don’t Rush the Return to Play

Author: Dennis Meszler, MPT, SCS We deal with many athletes looking to get back to sport as soon as possible. When most athletes hear the doctor say it is going to be 6-9 months before you get back on the field they immediately think, “I’m going to be the 6-month person!” Many probably even say… Read More »

Avoid These Common Training Mistakes

Author: Brian Schiff PT, DPT OCS, CSCS Many patients in our clinic seek relief for pain that limits their ability to work out or play sports. Often, this pain is unknowingly self-inflicted as the direct result of training errors and improper loading patterns. Understanding the relationship between tissue loading and recovery as it pertains to… Read More »

Suns Out (Almost) Guns Out

Author: Will Parker, CSCS, USAW We all know about the upcoming Spring Break, pool parties, July 4th at the lake and weekends hitting up the beach, so you might be thinking “I’ve got some work to do to look good in my board shorts or two piece.”  With that in mind, let’s talk about the… Read More »

How to Use a Belt for Heavy Lifting

Author: Yong Park, USAW-L2 What is a belt for? The primary function for a belt is to assist in creating additional trunk/core stabilization. This can be beneficial when performing strenuous movements involving isometric loading of the trunk such as squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, and overhead press to name a few. The additional support can… Read More »

Mindful Exercise

Author: Dennis Meszler, MPT, SCS As a PT focused on treating clients that have higher level athletic goals, I run into many clients that need to be re-focused on the proper way to address issues. Generally, I don’t have to worry about my clients not doing the things I ask them to do; I have… Read More »

Is Bench Press Bad for my Shoulders?

Author: Brian Schiff PT, DPT OCS, CSCS It’s no secret that most guys love to bench press in the gym. Some pick it up through sports directed training programs, while others simply want to get buff and strong on their own. The amount of weight one can bench press can be seen as a badge… Read More »

What is IASTM?

Origins of IASTM Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or IASTM is a commonly used form of treatment in outpatient physical therapy clinics. It’s origins come from a Gua Sha, an ancient practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Smooth edged instruments made out of an assortment of materials e.g. horns, jade, ivory etc. were used to press… Read More »

Staying Healthy In-Season

It is that time of year again when fall sports are back in full swing, school work starts to pile up, and other stress from life can start to add up.  Consequently, that can lead to pain or injuries whether it be acute or chronic.  Once athletes transition from the off-season into preseason, and then… Read More »

Should you always be using 3 sets of 10?

Author: Noah Kaminsky, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS Three sets of ten is the most common repetition and set scheme you may hear in physical therapy.  Is it wrong? No. Can it be more individualized and specific? Yes.  It can be used as a starting point.  There is a lot to consider when prescribing exercise to… Read More »