What’s the Deal With Cryotanks?

Written by Suzanne Blakeney PT, DPT, CSCS A growing trend in recovery and preventative care has been the use of cryotanks, specifically whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) to treat a growing list of conditions ranging from diabetes to regular delayed onset soreness. Numerous clinics have sprung up everywhere touting the health benefits of exposing your body to… Read More »

Welcome TPA Athletes!

As you all are aware we are going through a transition at our Performance Center in North Raleigh. The Performance Academy (TPA) will no longer be managing the performance training and group classes after 12/31/2018. We wanted to reach out and let you know that all speed/agility and strength classes will continue on their normal… Read More »

Importance of Staying Motivated in Physical Therapy

By: Damien O’Sullivan, PT, MPT  A patient’s motivation is arguably one of the most important factors which influences the speed and extent of their recovery.  It is a particularly notable factor for the patient who is going through a more lengthy surgical rehabilitation such as an ACL or Labral Repair. Oftentimes, such individuals will start… Read More »

Active Recovery is key!

Written by: Ashley Yartin, MS, LAT, ATC at Raleigh Orthopaedic Performance Center Fall is here! The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping. This is also a busy time a year for runners, with races ranging from 3ks to marathons. Whether you just participated in your first City of Oaks race or prepping for… Read More »

Why the Off-Season?

Written by Dennis Meszler, MPT, SCS I had another interaction with a client yesterday that made me re-visit the discussion of consistent year round play versus taking a break.   She was a middle aged women who was a self described “competitive recreational tennis player.”  In this case it meant she was currently active in six… Read More »

Rotator Cuff tendinitis, tendinosis or tear?

Written by Brian Schiff PT, OCS, CSCS Shoulder pain is common among overhead athletes, weightlifters, gymnasts, swimmers, Cross Fit enthusiasts and middle-aged adults. The rotator cuff, which consists of 4 small muscles, works to form a protective sleeve around the shoulder socket and allows for optimal shoulder function. With repetitive activity or trauma, the rotator… Read More »

Physical Therapy, CORE, or Performance Training? What’s right for you?

Written by: Ashley Bowyer PT, DPT, CSCS, PES When it comes to working out or trying to stay healthy, it’s not always easy doing it on your own.  There are many different options and routes available when getting assistance to reach your fitness and health goals. At Raleigh Orthopedic we have options available for every… Read More »

Normatec Recovery Boots

Normatec Recovery Boots By: Walker Cruikshank, CSCS, XPS Performance Coach With today’s athletic landscape being as competitive as it is, most athletes are looking for a way to gain an edge on the competition. Hard work is essential, but most people tend to overlook the importance of recovery. This is where Normatec Recovery Boots will play… Read More »

Low Back Injury Prevention

Did you know that low back pain is the single leading cause of disability world wide?  This is according to a study performed by the Global Burden of Disease in 2010.  It is also one of the most common reasons for missed work in the U.S. and will impact up to 80% of people in… Read More »